While there is a one-year academic plan, there are also some new kinds of professional development and engagement that I am looking forward to in the new year. Not all of them compensate me in the form of monetary rewards, but rewards come in many forms. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to in 2010. My commitment to them varies through the year, but they keep my day-to-day from getting too predictable.

Sneak Peek Orchestra
I am actually spending my days ‘off’ at my office scanning the scores for digital distribution. Honestly it feels a little late since the concert is January 23rd, but regardless, I am excited about this being my first gig. Clinton Nieweg has been tremendously helpful in getting me started, and I hope I will get to thank him in person one day for all the assistance he has given me. Getting to hang out and help produce an orchestra concert in the role of librarian is something I am very proud to be doing. Even if it means days trying to scan oversized scores on a legal sized scanner.

Research and Consulting Services
My academic and personal network is getting wind of my entry into the information field, and my work so far has gotten me some referrals for consulting gigs. So far, I have had three offers, all of which have opened my eyes to how information science fits in the world of business. It’s also a great moral boost to know that I fit into the professional quite naturally. It doesn’t hurt that I find all the assignments very interesting and exciting to work on.

Conferences & Workshops
The best part of conferences and workshops is finding a gathering of people and ideas that are exactly what you are interested in (such as Music Knowledge or Music Information Retrieval for dummies), and taking you to places that you otherwise might not have a reason to visit, as much as you might like to. Funding these will be a bit of an issue, especially for the latter, but where there is a will there is a way. Update: My paper has been accepted at the Music Knowledge conference in Oxford.

Professional Associations & Development
I continue to enjoy being the student council liaison on the Alumni Association at my faculty. The executives are wonderful, I have the chance to be in touch with a network of diverse professionals, as well as the opportunity to work with them on many meaningful initiatives. I have also been introduced to more professional associations than I can count. It’s a crash course on not just networking, but a practical understanding of the field in the professional world. These things can only be learned by osmosis anyway. In the new year, I’ll be more active as a student member of the professional development committee at KMDI, and take advantage of the amazing talents and resources that are their faculties and alumni.

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