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The image above serves as the base form of navigation in this imagined online musicianship skills sharing/learning tool. The 50-100 word project summary will force me to articlate this in a much better way. We are allowing users to browse information by specific musicianship skills (the leaves) and by more general areas of musicianship (concentric rings).

Based on Andy Arthur’s areas of musicianship and selected musican skills from Michael Hannan’s survey of contemporary music students, they are respectively represented as concentric rings that are likened to the trunk of a tree (we were inspired by a project which visualized the life of Emily Carr in the same way, I can’t remember the name at the moment) with leaves representing specific musicianship skills placed in different rings. Leaves that are close to the core are relevant to the outer rings while skills that rest at the outer rings do not have as high a relevance to the inner rings.

Everything comes together this Thursday evening at the KMDI!

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